Southern Drakensberg Snow Report

With a fully booked resort will those visiting us this weekend have their wishes granted ? 

Well as per normal, our resort accommodation doesn’t last very long at the slightest hint of snow. So what do we think will be the result ? Currently the days are very nice, with the sun is out and comfortable temperatures for activities inclusive of swimming, if you can brave the water temperature. 

With a cold front set to hit Durban towards the end of the weekend, more specifically Saturday or Sunday, naturally we get the cold front about two days prior – and much harsher. Thanks to the experts, we can tell you that we are expecting snowfall by Saturday, with the mountains covered making our already breathtaking views, just that little bit extra special. 

We don’t expect the snow to be falling on the resort, however it will be accessible via a vehicle if you’re down to do some exploring up the mountains. However, being situated in the Southern Drakensberg does make us the prime resort to take a day visit up Sani Pass. Which, without a doubt will be close to a true Winter Wonderland. So, even though we can’t assist with accommodation for this weekend, we can point you in the direction of Sani Pass Tours. Whilst you may not be able to spend a night with us, our resort is always open to day visitors and our ample restaurants and bars are more than happy to have you with us. 


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